Photographer: Gloria Z. Nagler

Photo taken: Feb. 23, 2020, in Kenmore

Photographer’s description: “Their friends thought they’d lost their heads, but Amy and Clem knew it was true love … two great blue herons, at Kenmore Heron Rookery near the park-and-ride lot in Kenmore. They posed so cooperatively! I used my Olympus E-M1X, 300 mm lens.

Critique: “Cooperative subjects, indeed! I like how there’s a lot to look at here, despite the photo’s apparent simplicity. I wish we could run it large enough to do justice to how much detail there is in the birds’ feathers and toes. It’s not overexposed, but if it were shot just a smidgen darker, we might’ve seen even more detail along their outlines. Super cool picture of a pair of amazing creatures, though. Thanks for contributing!”

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