Photographer: Liang Li

Photo taken: May 7, 2020, in Seattle

Photographer’s description: “The biggest supermoon of 2020 rising over Seattle’s landmark — the Space Needle — and I took this photo with a Nikon camera and a 70-300 mm lens at 300 mm. I used an app called PhotoPills to learn when and where the moon would rise, used Google Earth to find a spot where the moon would align with Space Needle and waited there to take this photo.”

Critique: “Your research and patience paid off with a cool photo. The Space Needle is so oft photographed that it’s a challenge to find a new way to shoot it and you did just that. The way the flag is silhouetted is almost cinematic, and the brightness of the moon’s shine doesn’t blow out all the detail on its surface. The detail in the Space Needle is interesting, as is the aforementioned detail on the moon. The upper half of this photo is arresting, but the lower part is a little distracting. Perhaps cropping up from the bottom a little would make the action stand out a little more. In any case, thank you for submitting!”

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