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Photographer: Christopher Picard Photo taken: Taken on May 30, 2018 from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse Photographer’s description: “Taken in the Palouse from Steptoe Butte in the early evening. I was looking for interesting patterns and shadows. The sun was intermittently covered by clouds so the landscape was constantly changing. I used a Nikon D810 with a 24 x 120 MM f/4 lens.” Critique: “The sharp contrasting shadows, plus the early evening light, really help the colorful rolling hills stand out in this photo. Keeping the sky out of the photo creates a nice vanishing horizon to top off the photo that lets us imagine the hills continue on.” Below is a gallery of previous Reader’s Lens picks. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at Our favorite will appear in this spot next week. We judge the year’s best and award prizes in December.