Photographer: Ashley Martin

Photo taken: April 6, 2020, Interbay P-Patch Community Garden in Seattle

Photographer’s description: “Baby hummingbird fed by its mother while sitting on a metal wire tomato cage. I went for a walk in the garden and by chance found a baby hummingbird. Hummingbird eggs are about the size of a jelly bean and an adult hummingbird weighs less than a nickel.”

Critique: “This photo captures a lovely moment of nature in action. It’s perfectly exposed and nicely composed, and you made great use of depth of field, keeping our adorable subjects in focus while the sunlit background blurs away. I would perhaps crop this a little tighter on all sides to maximize the impact of the hummingbirds. Nicely done! And, as an aside, my 7-year-old daughter was stunned to learn that a hummingbird weighs less than a nickel!” 

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