Photographer: Chris Picard

Photo taken: taken March 5, 2019 in Skagit Valley

Photographer’s description: “Took a drive up north to Fir Island in search of snow geese. We found them, thousands of them. They were having a leisurely afternoon until an eagle flew by and the excitement started. They all took off in a wave that is one of the neatest wildlife scenes I have experienced. And they were close. We were lucky not to get splattered. Taken with a Nikon D500 and a Tamron 150X600MM G2 lens.”

Critique: “Getting an iconic wave as the flock of snow geese take off can be a challenging photo. Working in nice light really helps this photo create a sense of endlessness to the birds. I would try cropping from the bottom of the frame to make the birds completely fill the frame and emphasize the wave you captured.”

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