Seattle Times reader D.J. Doan’s image of the famous falls splashed with warm colors of a summer evening.

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Photographer: D.J. Doan, Renton Photo taken: July 19, at Snoqualmie Falls Photographer’s description: “I’ve taken this photo with my Sony A7II camera at sunset. The orange light of the sun painted a beautiful color on the rocks, making it an outstanding image. It is the best time of a summer day to photograph the falls.” Critique: “Knowing your subject can produce beautiful images such as D.J.’s photo of Snoqualmie Falls. The photographer knew that the golden orange light of the sunset would create warm colors on the rocky cliff that would contrast nicely with the cool, dark water of the falls. The contrast paired with the slow exposure creates a sense of movement and helps move the eye around the photo until it rests on the focus of the photo, the waterfall.”