Photographer: Kristine Leinbach

Photo taken: March 7, 2020, at Gas Works Park in Seattle

Photographer’s description:I was walking to the ballot box near the park to vote, when I looked up to see this extraordinary cloud formation over the hill. With the coronavirus on my mind, it felt both ominous and beautiful at the same time. I played around with cropping and such, but decided to stick with the original photo. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy.

Critique: “Your description of this scene as ‘ominous and beautiful’ is spot-on. Some of my favorite photos are those taken in familiar places that show me something a little different, and this is that. I don’t have a technical criticism here; I like how the photo is composed and lit, with the hillside and the people nearly silhouetted. The spreading wisps of the clouds strike an ominous note indeed, coming as impacts from the coronavirus spread through all of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. Nicely done.”

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