Photographer: Janet Jeffries

Photo taken: May 4, 2020, in West Seattle

Photographer’s description: “Sunrise in West Seattle. I’m off work this week from my job as a registered nurse, and getting up early, to be alone with my thoughts in the quiet, crisp air, is very therapeutic. Nikon D750, 18-35 mm lens with a neutral density filter.”

Critique: “This is a phenomenal photo of our gorgeous city waking up on a beautiful morning. The longer I look at it, the more there is to see. The ships anchored in Elliott Bay seem to almost appear out of nothingness when you notice them. In the distance, the Cascades are peeking over South Lake Union as if to whisper “good morning,” and there is rich detail in the skyline. (Print readers: I highly recommend viewing this image online so you can immerse yourself in the detail and nuance.) In addition to all the wonderfully subtle detail, the exposure and filtering create a smooth, calming feel, perfect for introspection. Thank you for this photo, and thank you for your service as a nurse. Stay safe and healthy.”  

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