Photographer: Victor Tom

Photo taken: April 12, 2019, at Suzzallo Library, University of Washington

Photographer’s description: “My wife and I went to see the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington quad but were late by about a week. So we visited the nearby Suzzallo Library with its neo-Gothic architecture. I waited until a person walked underneath the arch to add scale to the image. Sony A7R III, Voigtlander Heliar 10 mm f/5.6 lens.”

Critique: “This is a fantastic image — so much so that I had to share it with my boss, who agreed, saying that wide-angle photos are hard to shoot well, but everything in this adds to the photo. We both appreciate the nice lines in the image as well as the photographer’s patience in waiting for a person walking by to create a sense of scale.”

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