Yoshiki Nakamura captured Mount Rainier — and its late-evening reflection — by the light of the moon.

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Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura Photo taken: Aug. 2, 2018 at Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier Photographer’s description: “Viewing and taking photos full of stars is always exciting and inspiring. Although it was a cloudy early afternoon in Seattle, the forecast indicated it would be clear by night in Mount Rainier. The moon (70 percent) would rise at 11:11 p.m. and there would be good lighting when it rose. After ending time-lapse shooting near Paradise, we noticed there was almost zero wind, which could create a beautiful reflection on Reflection Lake. We rushed to the lake, and sure enough, there was a near-perfect reflection which I’d never seen before. The low-angle moon provided colors in the scene. I was so lucky to be able to capture this image. 24mm, ISO2000, 15sec at f/2.8.” Critique: “Sometimes all the things line up with a little luck and a beautiful image is a result. The long exposure really helped allow all the little details to shine through in this night image. From the snow-capped mountain to the little stars reflected in the water there is a lot to look at, while something feels very peaceful about this scene.”


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