Yoshiki Nakamura’s shot of fireworks at a North Bend festival.

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Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura Photo taken: Aug. 12, Festival at Mt. Si, North Bend Photographer’s description: “Decent fireworks are presented every summer in North Bend as a part of Festival at Mt. Si. I experimented by changing the focus ring, and rotating the camera so that the resulted images became abstract, colorful, strange-shaped and unpredictable. I’ve attached a ND filter to avoid overexposure while using larger aperture for meaningful out-of-focus blurriness. 155 mm, ISO200, 1.5 sec at f/2.8.” Critique: “Mesmerizing trails of light from the fireworks made this photo the winner of this week’s contest. The circular effect from the rotation creates a scene that makes the fireworks look like colorful shooting stars. The clean, black background of the sky make the color pop even more. The planning that went into this really paid off with this beautiful spiraling image.”

AUGUST PHOTO CONTEST: ‘Dog Days of Summer’

For this month’s reader-photo contest, we’re looking for your best summertime photo featuring a canine companion. Your Lab fetching a ball from Lake Washington? A Bernese Mountain Dog toting a pack on a mountain trail? Send us your best recent “Dog Days of Summer” photo, and we’ll choose a favorite to spotlight in The Seattle Times’ Reader’s Lens feature. A Canon photo bag goes to the winning photographer. Submit by the end of the day Sunday, Aug. 27, to seattletimes.com/submit-photos. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at seattletimes.com/submit-photos (and see an online gallery of other Reader’s Lens photos). We judge the year’s best and award prizes every December.