Seattle Times reader Lyda Harris’ photo of a mountain goat reflected in a high alpine lake.

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Photographer: Lyda Harris, Seattle Photo taken: Sept. 5, The Enchantments region, Alpine Lakes Wilderness Photographer’s description: “I went backpacking in the core region of The Enchantments (Cascade mountain range) and used a Canon 70D to capture this photo.” Critique: “The mountain goat walking on the water’s edge is the focus of this landscape. The reflection of the goat helps draw the eye to the animal, but it is well blended into the surroundings. Cropping in from the top and left would focus viewers on the goat without losing a sense of place in the wild.” Past picks for Reader’s Lens are displayed in the gallery below. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Our favorite submission will appear in this spot next week. Submit online at We judge the year’s best and award prizes every December.