Seattle Times reader Ann Donahoe spotted a rare duo: two bald eagles on the prowl for ducks.

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Photographer: Ann Donahoe

Photo taken: on Feb 21, 2019, at Inner Quartermaster Harbor, Maury Island

Photographer’s description: “These eagles were ‘tag-teaming’ in aggressive attempts to hunt down ducks for dinner. The early evening light was great. I was lucky to capture this image. The ducks got lucky, too, as the eagles eventually gave up and flew off. Camera: Canon 7D. Focal length: 400mm. ISO: 160. Aperture: 5.6. Shutter speed: 1/1250.”

Critique: “The striking ‘X’ shape that these two bald eagles create really make this photo. The nice light coupled with the sharpness of the two birds in flight due to the high shutter speed help you admire the complete image.”

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