Photographer: Claire Beighle

Photo taken: June 7, 2019 near the Hood Canal

Photographer’s description: “I was out early in the morning at Hood Canal to try to get some shots of eagles. Our neighbor has a tree with bird feeders, and I took a small side trip over to capture some of them feeding. Suddenly a little head popped out of one of the holes. She peered out and retreated several times before finally deciding it was safe to leave the tree. I was using a Sony a6300 with a 100-400 zoom.”

Critique: “Sometimes the best images are the ones we don’t expect, but are quick enough to see and capture. The long telephoto lens really helps show the chipmunk in the tree hole. To make the subject stand out more, I would crop tightly to the outer part of the circle shape formed by the bark, while leaving enough space to the right of the frame for the chipmunk to rest in one of the thirds.”

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