Seattle Times reader Shun Takano’s peaceful photo of rain-dimpled water and waterlogged autumn leaves.

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Photographer: Shun Takano, Renton Photo taken: Oct. 19, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Renton Photographer’s description: “On my morning walk as I was walking under some oak trees, noticed the colorful leaves in the water. Also, the raindrops, drips from branches, and acorn falling in, were making interesting ripples.” Critique: “The interesting ripples accompanied by the shapes and colors of the leaves made this image stand out in this week’s entries. This photo contains a lot of motion, which draws your eyes all over this fall scene. The balance between the top of the image and the bottom with color and movement is also visually pleasing.” Below is a gallery of previous Reader’s Lens picks. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at Our favorite will appear in this spot next week. We judge the year’s best and award prizes every December.