Photographer: Michele Upchurch

Photo taken: May 26, 2020, at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma

Photographer’s description: “I took this picture with a Canon PowerShot SX70 HS. I was very amazed that so many turtles could congregate on one rock like this and I loved the reflection in the water as well.”

Critique: “I like how the rock itself is reminiscent of a turtle, as all of our shelled friends climb aboard. In addition to the spectacle of all the turtles, the reflections make this photo. The mirroring of the turtles creates the illusion of even more turtles, and the blackberry vines are identifiable, even in their reflections. Speaking of the blackberries, there might be a bit too much green at the top of the picture. We could crop down from the top a little bit, which would preserve the lovely green frame around the turtles, all while giving them a little more pop. Point Defiance is one of my favorite places, and this photo is a lovely vignette of that diverse, beautiful park. Thanks for submitting!”

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