Photographer: Duke Coonrad

Photo taken: March 27, 2020, at a cattle farm in the Stillaguamish Valley

Photographer’s description: “I was in the Stillaguamish Valley photographing snow geese as they gather in large flocks to begin their journey north to their nesting grounds on Russia’s Wrangel Island. Always looking for humorous photo opportunities, and because of large cattle raising farms in this area, I was lucky to come along as the cattle-feeding operation was in full gear at this farm.”

Critique: “I think we can all use a little levity at this point. This photo is inherently funny, even if we don’t know exactly what’s going on in the moment. It has a nice composition and looks like it could just as plausibly have been shot 150 years ago as last week. I think I’d crop it a little tighter, just to remove a little bit of background noise from around our strangely charming subjects, but overall, this picture is interesting, funny and welcome during our coronavirus-induced lockdown. Thanks for submitting.” 

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