Seattle Times reader Gloria Z. Nagler shows us the preflight behavior of a hummingbird from her backyard.

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Photographer: Gloria Z. Nagler Photo taken: April 27, 2018 in Nagler’s backyard in Lake Forest Park Photographer’s description: “Prelaunch of Anna’s Hummingbird: the hummers often exhibit this flamboyant behavior right before takeoff. This one was perched three feet from a feeder in our backyard. Used my Canon 5D Mark IV, 400 mm lens.” Critique: “Besides the eye-catching behavior of the bird, this photo successfully shows a great amount of detail of the bird. The long lens puts the what could be distracting background out of focus, drawing the eye to the main subject.” Below is a gallery of previous Reader’s Lens picks. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at Our favorite will appear in this spot next week. We judge the year’s best and award prizes in December.