Seattle Times reader Kate MacArthur photographed this majestic shot of a great blue heron against a colorful sunset on Whidbey Island.

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Photographer: Kate MacArthur Photo taken: May 11, 2018 at Mutiny Bay on Whidbey Island Photographer’s description: “I captured this photo with my Canon EOS Rebel T5, while walking along the beach of Mutiny Bay at sunset. As I walked, I spotted a blue heron flying majestically out of the water further along the beach, giving me the perfect opportunity for a silhouette shot.” Critique: “Nice job on waiting for the heron to be in a spot where it stands out from the golden colors of the sunset reflected on the water. I’d consider cropping in from the blue sky in the top left to draw attention to the heron as well fill the frame with all the golden colors.” Below is a gallery of previous Reader’s Lens picks. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at Our favorite will appear in this spot next week. We judge the year’s best and award prizes in December.