Photographer: Paul Smith

Photo taken: May 27, 2019, from the balcony at Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo

Photographer’s description: “We were at Mukilteo for my daughter’s wedding on Sunday and stayed at the Silver Cloud Inn overnight and woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. The water was glassy, the fog was slowly lifting and the light was golden. Then the first ferry appeared out of the fog. I used a Panasonic FZ1000 at a wide angle (25 mm equivalent) underexposed 1 f-stop.”

Critique: “What a great scene you captured in this image. The light, the fog and ferry all were in perfect spots for this. I suggest making sure the horizon line is straight as well as experimenting with cropping in so that the ferry and dock fill more of the frame. The ferry and other details will be easier to admire as a result.”

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