Photographer: Ron Raport

Photo taken: Feb. 17, 2020, in Winthrop, Okanogan County

Photographer’s description: “We were in Winthrop over Presidents Day weekend to enjoy some cross-country skiing. As we were getting preskiing espresso at the wonderful 3 Bears quilt shop, we heard wild cheering coming from across the river, so we grabbed our coffee and my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with 100-400 mm lens and made our way across the bridge to our first Methow Valley Doggie Dash. The crowd was raucous, the day was beautifully sunny, the dogs were happy and the wonderful humans on skis were a tad silly. A fun subject for a photographer.”

Critique: “Everything about this photo makes me happy. After surviving several months of the Big Dark, it’s a treat to see the sun come out, and with it, the adorable dogs and smiling, silly humans. This is such a fun moment, captured from a great angle and well composed. We get to focus on the participants in the foreground, yet we also get a feel for the scene and spectators. Thanks for sharing — and nicely done! And, as a personal aside, you gave me a chance to practice my Kermit voice for my 7-year-old daughter.”

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