Photographer: Shun Takano

Photo taken: May 17, 2020, in Renton

Photographer’s description: “Been trying to get a bee in flight facing the camera. Torch lilies were attracting bees so I gave it a shot. Over 400 shots taken, only six had the bee facing toward the camera and only a couple in reasonable focus. Taken with Sony a7R III and 100-400 mm lens with 1.4-times teleconverter.”

Critique: “Your patience paid off with this lovely photo. That’s the key sometimes — just putting yourself in a position to make the picture, even if you have to take hundreds of photos. If the bee has an expression on its face I’d like to think it’s one of determination. I like how we can see some of the lily, which adds context and contrast. The bee also pops right off the blurry greenery of the background. While very nice, it’s not 100% sharp on the bee’s face, but you’re alllllmost there. Nice going, and thanks for your submission.”

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