Photographer: Eileen de la Cruz

Photo taken: May 28, 2020, at Marymoor Park in Redmond

Photographer’s description: “I was just starting to explore the lovely Audubon Loop at Marymoor Park and came upon this friendly male tree swallow sitting atop a nest box. The reappearance of tree swallows are sure signs that spring is here, and it was wonderful to see one so close, and seeming to grin at me, too! Shot with a Fujifilm XT3, 100-400mm lens.”

Critique: “There’s a lot to like about this photo. Those colors! The tree swallow’s shimmering, electric blue feathers really pop against the spring green background. And of course … his face. Look at his expression and slightly tilted head, as if he’s saying ‘how you doin’?’ If I have a complaint, it’s that the white feathers on his neck are ever so slightly overexposed, but that is definitely a minor nit. Nicely done, and thank you for submitting!”

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