Our picks of the best reader images of landscapes and soothing scenery from 2017.

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Here are Honorable Mention winners in the Seattle Times Reader Photos of the Year judging for 2017, in the category of “Northwest Scenics.” The photographers receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Photographer: George Hu, of Kirkland, captured the image of Mount Rainier (above).

Photo taken: Nov. 18, 2017, Crystal Mountain ski resort

Photographer’s description: “During opening weekend at Crystal I emerged from the gondola and took some nice selfies (while) enduring 40-mph ice crystals. As I walked up the ridge I noticed this opening between trees and a visiting friend asked, ‘Is that a river?’ I was struck by what looked like a river of snow and ice coming from Mount Rainier and took this on my iPhone 6.”

Judge’s comment: “The opening between the two snowy trees, looking down on the White River, is a great way to frame the snowy scene at Crystal Mountain. The nice light provided great contrast to the bright whites of the snow throughout this photo.”


Photographer: Jesse Van Hoy, of Seattle

Photo taken: Oct. 29, 2017, Kubota Garden, Seattle

Photographer’s description: “My wife and I went to Kubota Garden to enjoy the foliage. The water rushing over these leaves caught my eye. Photo made with a Nikon D750 camera and a NIKKOR 16-35mm lens at f/4.”

Judge’s comment: “When it is fall in Seattle we can get great pops of color that stand out in our evergreen landscapes. The leaves in this image create spots of color and contrast to the lush garden with the slower shutter speed creating a nice movement through the frame.”


Photographer: Steve Piccolo, of Seattle

Photo taken: April 6, 2017, at Red Square on the University of Washington campus, Seattle

Photographer’s description: “After attending a presentation at the Burke Museum, I strolled through the UW campus looking for nighttime photographic opportunities. Among the subjects of interest was this view of the moon from the Red Square exhaust stacks. Used DMC-G5, 14-140mm at 14mm (28mm equivalent), ISO 160, f/8, 50 sec.”

Judge’s comment: “The composition is great and almost makes you wonder if you are looking up or down until you spot the moon. The lighting on the brick makes the orange contrast well with the deep blue sky. I really love the lines and the spacing between those lines within this frame. A great abstract photo.”


Judge’s comments by Katie G. Cotterill and Colin Diltz of the Seattle Times photo staff.