Our picks of the best images of flowers and animals from 2017.

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Here are Honorable Mention winners in the Seattle Times Reader Photos of the Year judging, in the category of “Northwest Flora and Fauna.” Each photographer receives a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Photographer: Alice Becker, of Seattle, created the sunflower image (above)
Photo taken: Aug. 12, 2017, Seattle
Photographer’s description: “I took this photograph of a sunflower using my iPhone. I think sunflowers represent all that is wonderful in the summer in Seattle, and this photograph seems to capture that feeling.”
Judge’s comment: “I completely agree with Alice that this photo captures the feeling of summer in Seattle. The bright fiery colors stand out, thanks to the close-up of the photo. The crop really allows us to see the colorful details balanced nicely throughout the frame.”

Photographer: Jeff Seldomridge, of Curtis, Lewis County
Photo taken: June 14, 2017, in his garden
Photographer’s description: “The Frog Bureau Investigator is Watching and is reporting back to D.C. This Pacific Tree Frog appeared on our window two days ago and very nicely posed for a photo on our rose petals. Taken with a Nikon D800, 105mm AIS F4.5 lens, and a SB-800 flash.”
Judge’s comment: “Wow — such a cool photo of this little guy. I love the bright, contrasting colors. By using a flash, the photographer was able to create that black background, which really makes the image clean and the colors pop. The frog is large in the frame and we get to see a lot of detail because the photographer also got in close.”

Photographer: Mark Wangerin, of Seattle
Photo taken: April 22, 2017, Alki Beach, Seattle
Photographer’s description: “This Canada goose hatched its young very near a bald-eagle nest. During an eagle flyover, the goslings darted to the parent and stayed hidden under its wings. Finally one gosling emerged.”
Judge’s comment: “This photo is pretty much the definition of adorable. I love seeing the detail in the feathers protecting the gosling, which is emphasized by the nice, clean background.”

Judge’s comments by Katie G. Cotterill and Colin Diltz of the Seattle Times photo staff.