Washington State Parks and Seattle-based guide service offer treetop outing.

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A new adventure takes Deception Pass State Park visitors to new heights: some 200 feet up a tree.

Washington State Parks is teaming with Seattle-based guide service AdventureTerra to take park visitors into the canopy in the popular park’s Hoypus Point area, east of Cornet Bay.

Certified tree-climbing guides teach and oversee the technical roped climbs and provide climbers with mandatory helmets, harnesses, safety glasses, foot holds and ascenders.

Deception Pass State Park Ranger Jack Hartt recently climbed the Hoypus Point tree with a group.

The group learned climbing techniques and made a short practice run before the climb. Sitting in the treetops, Hartt said he could see the Deception Pass Bridge, the north side of the park and the San Juan Islands and Victoria — all on a cloudy day.

“I was just ecstatic,” he said.

Climbers, who must be 7 or older, pay $149 for the four-hour activity.

Washington State Parks has worked with AdventureTerra since 2014, having granted the company a permit to hold rock-climbing classes at such state parks as Larrabee and Olallie.

State arborists researched the tree climbs and determined that, with careful anchor placement and care not to compact the soil at the base, the operation did not pose a threat to the trees.

Book your climb: adventureterra.com.