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So, I thought, of course, salmon are cool. They have a fascinating life cycle. They’re delicious and nutritious to eat. They’ve supported native peoples for centuries. They’re an integral part of our Northwest ecosystem. Plus they’re pretty spectacular looking, as fish go.

But, really, as a Midwestern transplant I did not “get” the salmon thing until I took the Olympic Outdoor Center’s Salmon Kayak Tour on the Kitsap Peninsula this weekend. Now I’ve flipped for these flipping fish. And, yes, one reason is the unforgettable sight of them flipping all over Indianola’s Miller Bay—I mean surging straight up into the air and crashing back in again everywhere the eye could see.

The lucky group of about 20 of us on Saturday who signed up for the Kayak Tour were blessed with a sunny day of slap-happy cohos working their way back home after surviving life in the saltwater wilds. Their journey was nearing its end, but you’d never know it from the energy they had…

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