Starting at noon Friday, a mile of  Lake Washington Boulevard from Mount Baker Park to Genesee Park will be closed to car traffic and open to the public for walking and bicycling. The closure will last through Memorial Day.

That one-mile stretch will also be closed every weekend through the rest of summer, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

“We’re working with Seattle Parks and Recreation to provide more space for people to get outside and play in a healthy way,” SDOT said on its Stay Healthy Streets website. “We’re finalizing plans for what the rest of the summer will look like on Lake Washington Blvd. In the meantime, we’ll close 1 mile (Mt Baker Park to Genesee Park) on weekends* and we’ll share more as soon as plans are finalized.”

To ensure access for cyclists and pedestrians every weekend throughout the summer, SDOT crews will start setting up barricades every Friday morning and remove them Monday morning. Barricades will remain in place longer on holiday weekends.

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Last year, Seattle closed nearly 20 miles of streets to most vehicle traffic as part of its Stay Healthy Streets initiative. The effort created more space for people to walk and bike at a safe distance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those closures, initially temporary, became permanent at the end of May.