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Photographer: Kyle SzegediCQ, Bellingham

Photo taken: Nov. 1, Snoqualmie Falls

Photographer’s description: “This photo was taken on a cold day at Snoqualmie Falls. Me and my buddy made the drive down there just so I could take this photo. The camera I used was a Canon 60D and a ND400 filter to get the long exposure. It was cool to have him stand in the shot to get the human perspective next to the waterfall. The alpine glow was also amazing that sunset.”

Expert says: “Snoqualmie Falls is one of the Pacific Northwest’s beauties and the photographer captured it that stunning waterfall perfectly. Great job using the neutral-density filter to get that long exposure during bright sunlight (if this wasn’t used, it would be very hard to not blow out the highlights). I love the colors within the frame: , from the blues in the shadows of the water, which contrast nicely with the yellows of the sunlight beaming on the rocks, and the green moss and brush. Having the photographer’s friend in the frame is also a nice surprise and a little added element that I enjoy. Gorgeous frame!”

— Katie G. Cotterill, Seattle Times photo staff

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