Using an iPhone X, reader Kelsey R Nagel caught this image of deer in Olympic National Park.

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Photographer: Kelsey R Nagel

Photo taken: Aug. 3, 2019 on Blue Mountain, Olympic National Park

Photographer’s description: “While camping near Blue Mountain in the Olympic National park last weekend we caught an incredible sunset and this deer herd of bachelors grazing. This was taken with an iPhone X.”

Critique: “Your image captures great color and contrast in this unique sunset image. This is a great example of capturing the moment since you have to get out in order to be able to make the image. Taking the photo from a lower angle would have brought the silhouetted deer into a lighter part of the frame, making them stand out from the background.”

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The headline and description in this article, originally published Aug. 12, 2019, incorrectly identified the animals in the photo. They are deer.