Photographer: Gabe Templeton

Photo taken: July 20, 2019 in Long Beach

Photographer’s description: “This was a beautiful evening walking on the beach with friends visiting from Brooklyn, New York. This photo was taken southbound from the Seaview approach at Long Beach. In the distance is North Head in Cape Disappointment State Park. I love shooting in the evening when the marine layer is moving in and the summer sunset is glowing. This section of Long Beach is particularly nice because the mist gives everything a dreamlike quality far into the distance. Our Northwest beaches have such a variety of texture, shape and color to enjoy.”

Critique: “What drew me to this image was the great evening light and the contrasting tire tracks on the beach with the cliffs and low tide. Normally I’d like to see a person in a photo like this to add a sense of scale, but the seagulls fill that need and help create a feeling of solitude.”

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