Chia puddings and gels are a great way to start your morning. Topped with your favorite fruit and a marijuana tincture, you have a cool, refreshing breakfast or snack.

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Chia seed is much more than a fad food or ’80s gag gift. It was and is a major part of the indigenous food culture of South America — like potatoes and quinoa, it was born and bred there.

Why have civilizations cultivated it for so long? Because it’s a wonderful energy source that has lots of good-for-you essential fatty acids.

Chia puddings and gels are a great way to start your morning; make one once, and you have five days of cool, refreshing breakfasts. I stock up some different fruits to eat it with, especially fresh coconut meat (rare), Ataulfo mango (the best) and dragonfruit. Ataulfo mangoes and dragonfruits are from the same general sphere of influence, so they pair wonderfully with a creamy and crunchy scoop of chia.

Your morning meal or mid-morning snack can be easily infused by adding a small dose of cannabis to the pudding-and-fruit mix.

Chia pudding with fruit

Yield: Makes five ¼-cup servings; 5mg THC per serving

3 tablespoons chia seeds

1 cup coconut milk

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon cannabis infused glycerin tincture*

Fruit of choice (dragonfruit pictured)

Coconut chips, turmeric, sesame seeds and honey for garnish

In a clean jar, dispense vanilla, glycerin and honey. Add a splash of warm water and stir until dissolved. Add chia seeds and coconut milk. You can use black or white chia seeds, and you can also use any non-dairy milk that you’d like.

Adding your own sweetener is best since the tincture has some sweetness to it. A presweetened store-bought product may come out a bit too sugary.

Stir well and refrigerate overnight. The mixture will thicken and turn into a creamy gel. Spoon into a small bowl or, to be fancy, the shell of the fruit you’re topping it with. Top with fruit — I like to use two-thirds the amount of fruit to chia. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, coconut chips and honey for an extra tasty and gorgeous finish.

*Cannabis-infused glycerin tincture

In an oven-safe container double sealed with foil, decarboxylate 3.5 grams finely ground cannabis at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Put cannabis in a mason jar or vacuum sealed bag, pour over 2 ounces of vegetable glycerin and seal tightly. Place in a water bath at just under boiling for 1 hour. Strain and keep contents in a sterilized container. Stores indefinitely in freezer.


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