Editor’s Note: Updated Dec. 6. We’ve received so many nominations that we’ve extended the publication deadline for this story beyond the previously stated Dec. 22.


Over the past 10 years, the greater Seattle metro area has changed dramatically. 

While it’s always been home to big companies like Boeing and Microsoft, the city has now become a tech hub, headquarters of a rapidly expanding Amazon, with the growing presence of Zillow, Redfin, Google, Facebook and other big companies. It has seen an influx of newcomers and new businesses as longtime residents and long-standing businesses have departed. Seattleites are navigating busier thoroughfares and an explosion of high-rises gnawing at the increasingly crowded Seattle skyline.

All these changes in the Seattle area haven’t happened on their own. From athletic fields to City Hall to your favorite neighborhood cafe, a multitude of people from all walks of life have had a hand in molding Seattle into its 2019 self.

As the decade comes to an end, we want you to help us pick the 10 people who’ve had the most impact on Seattle over the last 10 years. Who drove the forces of change — for better or worse? Whether the impact has been positive, negative, or something in between, we want your input to help us identify these change makers.

Use this link or the form below to submit your nominations. We’ll take nominations through Dec. 11. We’ll collate the results and a committee of Seattle Times staffers will hunker down, go through the nominations and compile a Top 10 list, which we’ll publish in print and online.