Looking for Valentine’s Day weekend plans? Do you have that single friend whom you’ve always thought would make a good catch? Or, do you just want to kick it, hang out and watch the fun as people unveil creative slide decks to sing praises of their eligible single friends?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we’ve got you covered!

The Seattle Times is teaming up with youshoulddate.ppt for a virtual event on Feb. 12, where you can pitch your single friends via a personalized slide deck for a (socially distanced, COVID-safe, or virtual) date!

Find more information about the event on Facebook, or read about how the PowerPoint pitches work here.

If you’re interested in pitching a friend, you can submit an application here.

Or if you’d just like to watch the event, register here. (The event is free, but you need to register ahead to access the zoom link.) You can help vote for the best presenter, and anyone who votes will also be entered in our raffle to win a gift card!


To give you some ideas, here’s a look at previous pitches from other youshoulddate.ppt events:

Here’s an FAQ from the folks at youshoulddate.ppt:

Q. What’s the event format?

A. Each person will have 3 minutes to present their PowerPoint about their single friend via screen share. After the pitch, the single friend has 2 minutes to participate in an audience Q&A.

Q: How do I pitch my friend?

A: Apply to pitch your friend at https://bit.ly/sea-0212-apply.
You will be notified shortly after if your pitch is accepted.

Q: How do I watch the pitches?

A: Please register for the event here: http://bit.ly/sea-0212-tix .

Q: I applied to pitch. Does this mean I’m pitching?

A: Not quite— due to time restraints, we can only select a limited number of pitches for this event. We will be in touch shortly after you apply.


Q: How do you choose who gets to pitch?

A: Our application asks for a one-slide outline. This is a great chance to show us the overall vibe and style of your pitch, and we look for outlines that are fun, creative, and interesting. We ultimately aim to select a lineup that is diverse and inclusive.

Q: Is this event LGBTQIA+ friendly?

A: We welcome and encourage pitches about your friends of any sexual orientation! We promise to build a diverse lineup.

Q: Is this only for those seeking monogamous relationships?

A: No! We welcome pitches about anyone seeking any type of relationship style.

Q. Can I just show up in the Zoom meeting and pitch?

A. No walk-on pitches will be allowed. Please use the form to apply to pitch.

Q: Can I pitch myself?

A: Sorry, pitch a friend or have a friend pitch you!