Sketched April 27, 2020

MALTBY — A picturesque water wheel is the centerpiece of the parklike grounds that welcome customers to Flower World, the enormous retail nursery in Maltby where detailed maps are available to help people navigate the 15-acre complex.

“I hope we don’t interrupt your picture,” said a woman strolling by with her daughter and grandbaby. 

“Not at all!” I shouted back, as social distancing makes it hard to have random conversations with passersby these days. In retrospect, I should have thanked them. They were the perfect subjects to give my sketch the Mother’s Day context I was looking for.

Flower World, which has remained open throughout the pandemic as an essential business in the food and agriculture sector, has been my go-to place for years whenever I want to buy my gardening-loving wife a gift. Our daughter has become a Flower World fan, too.

This time I came home with several bags of potting soil they had requested, and a “pastel mix” of pansies. In Spanish we call them “pensamientos” (thoughts) and now I understand why. They immediately brought back memories of my mom, who used to love their colors.

What flowers remind you of your mom?