Check out the winners' drawings plus submissions by all the entrants in our Mother's Day contest.

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Let’s make one thing clear: All the submissions we received for our Draw Your Mom for Mother’s Day Contest were awesome. The oldest entrant was 78; the youngest was 3. All the entrants’ moms must be special, too — in their portraits, they look like women we’d want to know.

It was quite a task to pick the winners, but here they are; each first-prize winner received a $50 gift card, and each editor’s choice winner received a $25 gift card. You can also see all the entrants’ drawings in the photo gallery.

Enjoy them all, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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First prize: This goes to Faith Middleton, of Normandy Park, for her vibrant colored-pencil-and-pen drawing of her her very busy mom, Lolly Randall Parker. Plus: a corgi!

Editor’s choice: We also liked this drawing by Jordan Nicholson, of Seattle. It was on a card he gave his mom, Seok Bee Lim. “He certainly captured me in my ‘it’s my time’ pose,” his mom says. The classic look reminded us of a New Yorker cartoon.



First prize: Amber Colvin, 16, of Carnation, for her portrait of her “supermom,” Mary Alice Colvin. Note the NPR mug and Whole Foods shopping bag, and the Toyota key fob. (To a Prius, perhaps?)

Editor’s choice: Presley Rose Pulliam, 5, of Seattle, for her drawing of her mom, Mollie LeLoo. The necklace and the headgear are nice touches!