More than 200 sweet creations were entered, and these impressed the judges the most.

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Who knew that so much could be made from a simple recipe of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin? We’re talking about Peeps, of course, the sweet marshmallow treats.

Like the Peeps, we too turn up every year with our Peeps diorama contest. We received more than 200 entries from you, our creative readers, this year. Here at Peeps Diorama HQ, we sorted the entries and argued over who did the best work. It was squishy work, but someone had to do it!

Details about the winners of the 2016 Seattle Times Peeps Diorama Contest:

• Grand prize: Jennifer Scott, for “Big Peep-tha,” a miniature version of Bertha, the enormous tunnel-boring machine that is slowly grinding beneath the city. Scott wins a $100 gift card to Chop Shop. “I used a blowup kiddie pool to keep the circle shape,” Scott wrote. “The eight main arms are cut and painted strips of my exercise mat.” And yes, all those little construction workers are wearing hard hats and safety vests.

• First prize: “ ‘The Scream’ by Peepward Munch,” created by Lisa Johnson. Johnson won a $50 gift card to Ponti for her attention to detail and the judges’ love of all things Norwegian, and all things rendered less scary by pastel chicks and bunnies.

• Kid winner: A $50 gift card to Melting Pot goes to Katelyn and Megan Booth, for their Sprite-enjoying, chip-munching crowd “Campin’ with my Peeps!”


All about Easter

Here are some other notable entries:

And below are all of the entries received by The Seattle Times for the Peeps Contest 2016. Thanks for Peeping!

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