How to create a flowerpot placeholder or party favor.

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When I have guests over, even if it’s just a few close friends, I like to make the evening special and personalized. When the weather gets nice and my garden is in bloom, I set the table with freshly cut flowers. You can bring little colorful blossoms onto your table with these cute flowerpot placeholders.


1 ¼-inch terra-cotta flowerpot

Moss or floral foam

Fresh or millinery flowers on wire

Printed photos of flowers

Tiny clothespins

Pinking shears



1. Fill your terra-cotta pot with a pinch of moss if you are using millinery flowers. Add a little floral foam soaked in water at the bottom of your pot if you are using fresh flowers, and then put moss on top.

2. Arrange the fresh or fabric flowers in the pot.

3. Cut out a coordinating 1 ¼-inch square photo of a flower with pinking shears. You can either print out and glue your guest’s name to the top of the flower photo or write it directly onto the image by hand. Tuck this piece of paper into the side of the terra-cotta pot.

4. Cut out a 1/2-inch-square floral photo and clip it to the stem or petal with the clothespin for extra charm and color.

When you’ve finished a flowerpot for each guest, set it down at his or her place on the table. They make perfect party favors, too. Each one can sit on a guest’s windowsill or desk as a reminder of your fun evening together. You could even paint your guest’s name onto the terra-cotta pot itself.

There are numerous ways to adapt this concept to your specific needs, so have fun making each one special!

Dena Fishbein is the designer and artist behind many home, gift and paper products found at your favorite stores. To ask her how to embellish anything, visit her blog at