Dr. Karp first became widely known for this success with one of the toughest challenges faced by new parents: crying babies.

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All babies, says Dr. Harvey Karp, have a “calming reflex” – an instant stopper to the kind of colicky crying that leaves new parents feeling not only like bad parents, but also like they just might go crazy to boot. That reflex, Karp has figured out, can be turned on in five simple but specific steps – the famous five S’s outlined in his longtime best-selling book, The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Dr. Karp will talk in person about the five S’s, along with handling toddler tantrums and more on Sept. 15, when he speaks at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Seattle. His talk will provide valuable insight and specific tips to parents of newborn through preschoolers as well ascaregivers, educatorsand medical professionals…

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