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Here’s how to create a centerpiece that draws guests into the festivities:


• Glue gun
• 1 12-inch Styrofoam ring
• 1 Styrofoam disc that fits inside the ring
• 1 smaller Styrofoam disc for platform
• Lazy Susan
• 1 can spray glitter
• Embellishments (garlands, wreath, colored leaves, candle rings, horns, confetti, jeweled ornaments)
• Candles (one for each guest)
• Snow globe or other memorabilia


1: Spray the three foam pieces with glitter, covering completely. (Do this outside.)

2: Place ring on the Lazy Susan, and place two foam discs in center with the smaller one serving as a platform. Put wreath on top of discs.

3: Add candles to outer ring, twisting them into the foam. Embellish with candle rings and leaves to cover exposed foam.

4: Using a glue gun, attach garland or tinsel around the exterior of the foam ring.

5: Add snow globe and other embellishments, like horns, blowers and beads.

Optional: Attach nametags to the candles. Write a guest’s name on one side of a tag and, on the other, write a positive word about that person. Repeat for each guest.

Source for the projects: Randy Altig