Fix it: How to remove cigarette smoke from a canvas painting

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Q: I own a painting that has the smell of cigarette smoke on it. How can I eliminate this smell?

A: If it’s a canvas painting, Deb Soeffker, with Minnesota Fireshield, a fire restoration company, advises that you crumple up nonwaxed butcher paper or brown paper used for wrapping packages. Spray the paper with white vinegar or Atmosklear (a fragrance-free odor eliminator sold at co-ops, Ace Hardware stores and some Wal-Marts).

Place the treated, crumpled paper along the back side of the painting. Be sure the paper is not dripping wet. Put the painting into a plastic bag and seal it. Let it sit for a day, then remove it from the plastic and let it air for a day or so.

Repeat as necessary.

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