RAVE to the kind neighbors who anonymously show up and keep my Little Free Pantry stocked with nonperishable food and hygiene items. I switched my Little Free Library to a pantry during this pandemic and I have barely had to refill it myself. It continues to get replenished by generous community members. I’m so happy that this resource is useful for those in need.

RAVE to the woman who picks up garbage during her solo walks. Especially appropriate during Earth Week!

RAVE to all the staff at UW Medical Center Northwest hospital emergency room. I had to bring my son in one recent night and the service he received there was amazing. The whole operation was a model of efficiency. I did not know what to expect in these trying times, but the process was so well run and the staff were incredibly helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. It was all very impressive and we are extremely grateful for the top-notch care he received! Three cheers for amazing health care workers!

RAVE to the people painting rocks and hiding them outside. It makes walking outside more fun for people of all ages!

RAVE to the Seattle Fire Department, who answered a call at 3:30 a.m. on April 11. A condo that was being built behind my daughter’s condo was fully engulfed in flames. The firemen put the fire out and were able to save all the other buildings around the fire. They did an excellent job and all of the neighborhood is very thankful.

RAVE for all the beautiful chalk drawings on the sidewalks in my neighborhood. They definitely brighten up my walks. Thank you! Keep the pictures coming!


RAVE to the person ahead of us in line at a recent stop to Panera off Northeast 205th Street in Shoreline who paid for our purchase. We want to thank her so much and we will make sure we pay it forward.

RAVE to the Seattle Parks Department. The one-way trail around Green Lake makes these two seniors who walk there daily feel safe. Please don’t return the trail to the two-way traffic. It’s MUCH better with everyone going the same way. 

RAVE to my sweet and mysterious neighbor, who is spreading quarantine cheer with pretty purple flowers on my doorstep. You make my day!

RAVE to NFL star Von Miller’s immediate disclosure of his positive COVID-19 test and his words of warning to his many young fans to take this seriously because it’s real. To the young woman who scoffed at my mask in the Kirkland Safeway a few days ago, I’m not wearing the mask for me. I’m wearing it to help keep you safe.

RAVE to the those who keep the water flowing to (and away from) our houses, and who make certain that the water will be hot when we turn the faucet on during this time of seemingly incessant hand-washing. Thank you all.