RAVE to our wonderful mail carrier who delivers our mail along with his cheerful greetings daily. We know that currently, all mail carriers have to work extra hours to sort and deliver the mail. They deserve special recognition for what they do under these challenging circumstances. When we are socially isolated, receiving our daily mail is especially meaningful and helps us stay connected. We appreciate what they do. Thank you.

RAVE to bands including Metallica, Dead & Company and Phish, who are streaming entire shows weekly, for free, during this time. Three-hour musical distractions are quite welcome right now.

RAVE to my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews for driving from North Bend to West Seattle (including the detour because of the bridge closure!) to stand outside our house with a big sign and wish our son a happy birthday. It made our day and it was so wonderful to see them, even if we couldn’t give them a hug.

RAVE to my daughter and all of the other unsung heroes who tirelessly go to work to cook for the folks at Farrington Court Retirement Community in Kent. Each day she heads to work with a smile and a positive attitude. She and all of the other workers that care for our seniors go about their work with little fanfare save for the knowledge that without them, these seniors’ lives would be very difficult.

RAVE to our Ravenna neighbors. One made cloth face masks and gave us some and another left N95 masks on our porch.

RAVE to Finn Hill Dinner Club. We continued our 30 years of monthly gatherings via Zoom on a recent evening. We laughed like we always do. So grateful for good friends.


RAVE to the Woodinville Car Club who drove by 20 homes the other day to help people celebrate their birthdays during this time of social distancing. I was at stop No. 19 and was so touched by their effort that I forgot to take pictures or video, and wasn’t able to count all of the really cool cars! It wasn’t my birthday, but I thank the participants from the bottom of my heart!

RAVE to my sister, a nurse, who is also schooling two kids at home. Rave also to my husband, a first responder. Both are on the front lines reporting to work as usual. I am super proud of you guys!

RAVE to the Seattle Department of Transportation team that came promptly to remove a fallen tree from our dead-end street in West Seattle late the other afternoon. They had to take a roundabout route given the bridge closure and finished quickly with smiles, positive comments and social distancing.

RAVE to the person who found the car keys I dropped while walking at Magnuson Park, located my car and then hid the keys where I could find them. You absolutely made my day! Thank you!