RAVE to Kitsap Public Health’s COVID-19 response! Their process is a model of efficiency. Daily, detailed communications, ease of online appointments and follow-ups, outstanding volunteers and quick vaccine administration. What I anticipated would take hours took minutes. Kudos! 

RANT to the person(s) that took my cart at the Shoreline Costco, presumably after watching me take the last Penn Cove mussels (yum!). They stole my cart while I walked away for 30 seconds to grab produce for my elderly parents. Really? I walked around looking for the perpetrator(s) for 25 minutes without success. To be honest, I smiled that someone outmaneuvered me that day. Next time, I will keep my Costco cart with “the goods” within eyeshot.

RAVE to Kaiser Permanente for the well-organized vaccine site set up at their Bellevue location. My appointment was for 12:10 and I received my vaccine at 12:10! Well done KP!