RAVE to all those who took the time to complete a lengthy ballot and get it in on time. Rave also to the workers in all counties who are still pulling ballots from envelopes, making sure everything is accurate and keeping our elections safe!

RAVE to Seattle Department of Transportation for closing Golden Gardens Drive to vehicle traffic. This has allowed hundreds of walkers and cyclists to enjoy the beautiful forested road without fearing for their lives as cars zoom by.

RAVE to O’Reilly Auto Parts for providing free “Check Engine Light” computer downloads that read what the problem is on a vehicle when the check engine light comes on. Even better is the fact O’Reilly is open seven days a week! While out of town on a recent weekend, the auto dealership told us to go to O’Reilly, which we did. We were relieved to learn the problem was minor so it was safe to drive 300 miles to get home. 

RAVE to the two women who ushered our 12-year-old daughter to safety while she was eating lunch by herself at our neighborhood Kidd Valley in Wallingford. There was a traffic altercation at the large Stone Way/50th Street intersection, only a few yards away, and a driver had shot a gun. At that critical moment, our daughter was picking up her food and was headed outside to eat it. She did not hear the gun go off and was not aware of the danger. The two women, who were on their way to play at the little golf course in Green Lake and were carrying a few clubs, saw what was happening. They came running across the intersection toward our daughter, who was then sitting outside on the Kidd Valley patio. They took her inside the restaurant where everyone was safe. Because of these amazing women, our daughter was whisked out of harm’s way. This mama will be forever grateful.

RAVE to the young employee at Trader Joe’s on Madison Street for brightening my day! As I was walking to the exit elevator, a young man by the name of J.B. walked over to me and presented me with a lovely bunch of carnations! So sweet and kind!

RAVE to the honest person who found my iPhone at the Safeway parking lot in Kenmore and turned it in. I had just gotten it the hour before, and it obviously fell out of my pocket. You saved me! Thank you!

RAVE and thanks to the kind people who helped me when I almost fainted while waiting in line at Dick’s Drive-In on Broadway the other afternoon. Especially the two nurses from Virginia Mason who stayed with me until my husband arrived. 

RAVE to the farmers east of Ellensburg who have signs saying which crops they are growing. It makes the Interstate 90 drive less monotonous and shows the great diversity of food produced by our state!