RAVE to the generous campers who leave their extra wood at the campsite so we can enjoy a longer fire!

RAVE to the Shoreline Fire Department. They made my Dad’s 90th birthday drive-by celebration a huge success the other week. It made his day with what seemed like the entire fire department parading by on this special occasion. Thank you Shoreline Fire Department!

RAVE to U.S. Postal Service workers in 98103 who managed to deliver important paperwork to my correct mailbox despite the lack of an apartment number and a misspelled street name. Thank you for your diligence.

RAVE to the kind person sitting next to my daughter and her fiancé in a Bellingham restaurant, who overheard them ordering a good bottle of wine, not because they were celebrating, but because they had just canceled their wedding due to the pandemic, then paid for the wine without them knowing it! It made a hard decision a little easier for them.

RAVE to positive outcomes. Of course, I do not like COVID-19 and all the worry it brings, but here is what I see in Seattle now more than I’ve ever seen it before: Families taking walks together; parents, not on their phones, paying attention to their children; children, not on their phones, paying attention to the world around them; people sitting in parks and reading; children outside playing, biking, skating, running around on the beach, swimming in the Puget Sound; families biking (or skating/paddleboarding) together; neighbors outside talking. There are many more examples of how the world has slowed down and we have slowed down with it. May this goodness find a way to last.

RAVE to folks who send in rants. Every morning, I look forward to reading your gripes aloud, in funny voices, to my family. Thanks for using your suffering for good and brightening my day! 


RAVE to the person at the downtown Bothell QFC who turned in my cellphone. I had turned in the cart, walked back to my car and drove away without picking up the cellphone from the top of the cart. Luckily I was back in five minutes, but the QFC customer service rep was so busy I couldn’t get information to thank the wonderful customer.

RAVE to my neighbors Lu-Ann and Mike who helped trim, rake and bag blackberry trimmings and ivy. That was so kind of you. It lifted my spirits and helped get the job done.

RAVE to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal toll worker who refused to sell a ticket to a car that cut in line of those waiting for over an hour.

RAVE to the King County Parks and other municipalities who spray paint cracks in the pavement on blacktopped bike trails. This prevents a lot of mishaps and makes the trails safer for us all.