RAVE to the kind man who picked up our lost and terrified dog, put him in his car, took him home and then carried him up two sets of stairs to our porch.  Thank you!

RAVE to all of our Wallingford neighbors who have welcomed us back to Seattle with bouquets of flowers, plates of cookies and conversations from 6 feet away.

RAVE to the wonderful young girl and her mother in the car in front of me that paid for my curbside order at See’s Candies. I was touched and surprised, thank you.

RAVE to restaurants that have socially distanced inside seating and also outdoor seating. It allows us mental peace as we go through this time. 

RAVE to the couple who jump-started my car battery after it died in the Red Mill Burgers parking lot. They saved us time, and did the deed cheerfully and without fuss. Such a lovely act of kindness!

RAVE to the Washington State Fair organizers for coming up with the idea of a few weekends of drive-thru fair food! Everyone was safely masked up, and with the exception of only one long wait for roasted corn, the line of cars moved slowly but steadily. None of us are able to experience the actual fair this year, but were so happy to be able to buy corn, turkey legs, elephant ears and, of course, scones! It was a win-win for the food vendors and their customers! Thank you!


RAVE to the wonderful care I received at the emergency room and cardiology department at the University of Washington Medical Center — Northwest Hospital. I received the most excellent, kind and compassionate care ever from the doctors, nurses and staff. I went in for an emergency and had a pacemaker installed. Special thanks to the nurse who held my hand and patted my head through it all. I was quite anxious and she, along with everyone else, worked so hard to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. So grateful for this wonderful care in these hard times. Thank you, many times over.

RAVE to the kind woman at Swansons Nursery the other day. It was a beautiful sunny day. My husband and I were on an outing for new plants. We chatted with another shopper briefly (through our masks and at a distance).  She then asked if we had our Swan Dollars. When we said we didn’t, she kindly gave us some of hers! What a kind gesture, especially in this scary time for all of us! We will certainly smile when we plant our flowers and pay her generosity forward!

RAVE to the teller at the state Department of Licensing in Renton, who was so patient with my daughter as she obtained her first driver’s license.

RAVE to everyone who took down the Alaskan Way Viaduct before it collapsed in an earthquake. They all did what humans do best, thinking and acting upon an abstract thought like avoiding tragic and preventable deaths.