RAVE to the three men who helped me when my right front tire blew out after babysitting my grandson in Duvall. AAA would take 90 minutes. Grant, a Western Washington student, stopped and spent over an hour trying to change my tire for me, but the locknut was missing. My son-in-law came, found the locknut, labored to get the tire loose, but could not get it off. A third good Samaritan stopped, and with a mallet from his trunk, pounded the tire loose, changed it and all was well. I’m so thankful for all three generous, strong, kind young men. People are kind and good. They sure helped me!

RAVE to the friends of Colonnade Park. To all of the neighbors and selfless folks who help make this “underdog” park rock, thank you. Your efforts are not in vain.

RAVE to the woman who discovered an injured dog at the High Point Community Center tennis/pickleball courts the other morning and called Seattle Animal Control. She also waited and watched over the dog until the officer arrived. Rave also to the Animal Control officer who was so very kind and gentle. She determined the dog was scanned and then gently picked up the dog and took it to a vet. The dog did not appear to be seriously wounded. Another rave to the dog’s owners for having her chipped. Hoping the family and the dog have been reunited!

RAVE to all the interesting bookshelves that you can see in the backgrounds of people’s homes when watching TV. You can tell a lot about a person by their bookshelves. 

RAVE to Bellevue Botanical Garden for sharing its beauty in these difficult times with their open grounds, cheerful daily Facebook postings and virtual lectures and classes. 

RAVE to Kaiser Permanente for a fast, no-wait coronavirus test at its Lynnwood facility. When I watch how many people must wait in long lines under pressure, I am especially grateful for their good work.


RAVE to the child who said, “Thank you for wearing a mask” as I was walking to the Little Si Trailhead. She and her mother can seriously save lives that way.

RAVE to the kind family in north Greenwood who went out of their way to return my driver’s license after I dropped it on my walk this evening. It’s neighborly acts like this that really make a difference during these challenging times.

RAVE to whoever is responsible for hanging the flower baskets in Pioneer Square, one of my favorite parts of Seattle’s summer. This year they are especially great considering how few people will see them. They are beautiful now and, as always, will be spectacular by the end of summer.

RAVE to The New York Times crossword puzzle, one of my favorite things. If you can finish the Friday or Saturday, you are my kind of puzzler.