RAVE to all the wonderful people who have put Little Free Library boxes in front of their homes. With the pandemic, all the Seattle Public Library locations are closed. This makes it easy for us “stay home and be safe” types to give and take books as we like. I have three within walking distance of my home. Thanks so much.

RAVE to KING-FM, our local classical station, for playing music by Black and African American composers this past week to highlight Juneteenth. Beautiful music by composers I was not aware of. I hope to hear more throughout the years!

RAVE to the people who helped me get food at two different stores. Thank you so much! I’ve been out of work since the lockdown and things are getting very tight. Yes, there are good, thoughtful people out there!

RAVE to the two women who helped us on my daughter’s graduation day. We were leaving for the drive-thru ceremony when I noticed a flat tire on her car. We drove to a nearby gas station to put in air, but a car and AAA truck were blocking our access. When we asked if we could get closer, two women who also had a tire problem said the machine was broken so they had called for help. When they noticed the graduation gown and lei, they insisted we get helped immediately. The tire had a screw in it so the spare had to be put on. When have you ever needed AAA and didn’t have to wait? We made it to the graduation in plenty of time, but we would have spent the afternoon at a tire store if not for them. I think they might have been angels. Thank you for being on Earth when we needed you.

RAVE to the students who shared their thoughts on experiencing these new hard times with positive vision and clarity. To the rest of us, let’s not let them down. We have before, you know.

RAVE to my neighbor who, almost every afternoon, sets up his bubble machine to blow bubbles up and down the street. The joy it brings to all of us who get to walk through it and chase the bubbles (adults, children, even cars) is wonderful to see and experience. 


RAVE to “Juneuary” for its cool, cloudy weather. This is the Seattle I love. Perfect for jogging, bicycling, long walks and yard work, all without getting overheated.

RAVE to my neighbors for hosting social distancing fire pit evenings for their young adult children. It’s a great way for them to interact safely.

RAVE to my Ballard neighbors who continue to make joyful noise nightly at 8 p.m. It serves as encouragement to go to work each morning as a nurse working with our older adults.  

RAVE to my mom, who has been tirelessly and selflessly sewing face masks for our community! This includes the local medical clinic, grocery store workers, colleagues, family and many friends.