RAVE to our neighbor, Dave, who delighted young and old with his festive and creative balloon art every day for a few weeks! What a fun addition to our neighborhood walk! His genuine love of balloon art is showcased in characters like Nemo, Yoda, Bert and Ernie, as well as a bouquet of flowers, animals, the American flag and the Space Needle. There is nothing he cannot create! My favorite was on May 6, for Nurses Day, when he created a wreath of hearts and wrote “Good Health” in many languages. Hats off to Dave!

RAVE to the class of 2020. Kindergartners, eighth graders, outgoing high school and college grads! We celebrate your resilience and thank you for your sacrifice. Also, can we keep the “home of a graduate” signs in the future? I love celebrating my neighbors!

RAVE to Kyle for mowing our lawn. My husband and I were sitting at the dining room table and heard someone mowing the lawn. We peeked out to find our neighbor’s lawn mower running across the little patch of grass we have. He told us, “Why not? It needed to be done and I was out here anyhow!” What kindness. Thank you for making our day.

RAVE to the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church community for the display of a beautiful banner for graduating seniors. As a retired teacher, it warms my heart greatly to see the care and love you have poured out to all our amazing young people who have had such a strange turn to their culminating year.

RAVE to Amy, our pandemic angel! First thing every Sunday morning, she walks to Grand Central Bakery, purchases multiple loaves of bread and then delivers them around our neighborhood. We love the bread and love her even more.

RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation for having social distancing ambassadors in heavily used parks! The ambassadors are friendly and encourage us to stay safe.


RAVE to all the parents who are using this stressful break from routine to spend quality time with their kids. Teaching them to ride a bike, going on family walks and, most important, listening to what they have to say.

RAVE to the woman on May 28 who offered assistance and checked on me several times when I passed out and fell to the floor in Costco. Thank you so much for your kindness.

RAVE to our wonderful neighbors who are nurses at Swedish Medical Center and Overlake Medical Center. Thank you!

RAVE to the young man (maybe 10 years old) who, while coming up behind my wife on his bicycle on a narrow trail, called out, “Behind you!” and gave her time to step off the trail. If only some of the adults we encounter (especially the runners) had the good sense and consideration this fellow showed.

RAVE to the grocery store workers striving hard to maintain the stores and serve the public. You deserve a raise. I thank you for your toils in these tough times.